Dashiki Reloaded!

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If you’re like me, you look for modern spins to classic fashion pieces. No need to reinvent the wheel. One such garment receiving a jolt of life in the past 2 years is the DASHIKI.

The dashiki, by tradition, is a loose and colorfully patterned pullover garment that originated in Africa. From its origin (West Africa) it was primarily worn by men. The elaborate embroidery patterns around the neck, chest, and sleeve lines are its signature features.

During  Black History Month, it became a tradition to wear dashikis as a symbol of pride and ancestry. In recent years, celebrities such as Beyonce, Chris Brown and Rihanna have been photographed wearing dashikis. Being that these celebrities are leading the charts in Pop Music, it is no wonder that the dashiki has been revived. Now, many are exploring the wearable well beyond February.

The dashiki receives favorable press and, yet again, has been revived in the world of fashion. Visit ShopCoCoFab.com for more remixes to the classic dashiki shirt! Dresses like the ones featured in the gallery below are just some of the options available.



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