D’Prince: Worldwide Wave Courtesy of Mavin Records

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Worldwide, a new AfroBeat tune by Mavin Records’ D’Prince makes its video premier on YouTube this week and holds nothing back! The track is produced by the record label’s founder and super-producer, Don Jazzy. It is an international smash hit and a sure-fire club banger. D’Prince delivers true to Mavin form: unapologetically brazen and electrifying. The video is directed by esteemed music video director, Sesan Ogunro. A mélange of African rhythm and Caribbean dancehall flavor, Worldwide commands your attention with its crossover appeal. A celebration of hard-earned success paired with the confident swagger of a globally recognized artist, D’Prince announces his position and appeals to a mass audience. As the song implies, his reach goes far beyond Africa and he intends to continue to serve the world a dose of his worldwide wave!

D’Prince has an artist’s resume which includes desirable collaborations with a catalog of hit-makers ranging from Give It to Me ft. D’banj, Wudup ft. Wizkid and Painting the Town Red from his Frenzy album. Additional hits from D’Prince consist of Molowo Noni ft. Wizkid, Ice Prince and Samklef, Because of Love ft. Bracket, Ife ft. Tiwa Savage, and Gentleman ft. Davido and Don Jazzy. For fans yearning for more, he offered Goody Bag. Like most celebrities, D’Prince deals with critics and greed. His answer to those who operate of off greed or aspiring to be who they are not was the song Oga Titus. And for those begging for handouts instead of standing on their own merit, he has offered the song On Your Own (#OYO). AfroPop’s world music movement continues and D’Prince refuses to break his stride to accommodate haters and naysayers.

Being the brand manager and publicist for an emerging AfroPop singer/rapper that I now manage, Naomi Achu, I realized quickly that this music genre is a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to major players like Don Jazzy, I have even more love for African music. If you can sit still while the song, DorroBucci, comes on and never learn any of the words, we cannot be friends. The track boasts a line-up of all-star artists and has over twenty million views on YouTube. The worldwide appeal of AfroPop is undeniable!

I recently got a bit more of an education regarding the genre from a mentor who knows the Mavins personally. I choose to keep this source private but this is what he had to say,

D’banj and Don Jazzy were signed on to Kanye West’s Good Music label where Don Jazzy produced the Lift-Off track on the Watch the Throne album by Jay-Z ft. Beyoncé… Snoop Dog did a collaboration with D’banj and Don Jazzy in the song Mr. Endowed. And, yesterday Tiwa Savage, the Mavin First Lady, was signed on to a management deal with Jay-Z ‘s Roc Nation. An indication that AfroPop is gaining grounds in America. With D’Prince’s Worldwide video drop and an impending American tour,… there is no doubt that AfroPop music is now making significant inroad into America. Don’t forget Wizkid collaboration with Chris brown. P-Square’s collabo with Rick Ross and Akon and also Davido’s growing market acceptance in America, etc.”

Full disclosure: I was introduced to AfroPop only 2 years ago. It started with a date during a music video shoot. I agreed to meetup on location with a cute Nigerian guy. I got all dolled up in tight jeans, a wife-beater and wedge heels only to realize that the shoot was held up in the loft of a Maryland garage with no A/C. I am Caribbean so heat is no stranger to me. But, this was a special kind of hot. If it wasn’t for the large fan I took hostage, the catchiness of the song being played on repeat, and the platter of chicken wings, I would have made up an excuse to leave. I was intrigued to say the least. AfroPop was foreign to me. But, it reminded me of my island sounds: reggae, dancehall, and soca. I was thoroughly entertained during the shoot as I learned about the burst of culture that is AfroPop.

A few weeks later, I was extended another invitation to attend an Industry Night event in the DC metro area, where I met Naomi Achu. I went with the pure intention of interviewing a few of the African artists who were making a name for themselves. The idea was just to feature the event here as a Culture & Entertainment blog post. What I didn’t bank on was that I would soon fall in love with what, to me, was a new genre of music. I quickly learned that AfroPop has been around for quite some time.

The good news is that this music genre is steadily gaining more traction with the U.S. mainstream music scene. I hope that this blog post reaches even more people, who, like me, fall in love with AfroPop and make it their personal mission to ride the wave!

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