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I have always fancied myself a Super Dominican; always repping my beloved 767 aka The Commonwealth of Dominica. Last Saturday, I donned one of my favorite dresses. A candy-apple red peplum from Forever 21+. I was heading out to an Afro-Centric concert in the DC metro to support one of my clients opening the concert. As luck would have it, I got a rare opportunity to hang out backstage and took a slew of selfies. I even hit the red carpet for a quick photo opp.

As you can imagine, my social feed was blazing! So much so that I caught the eye of a super talented Facebook friend, Albert Pierre. Yesterday afternoon, he inboxed me a sketch and the rest is history. Today, I am posting the finished product along with the sketches sent to me between then and now. In less than 24 hours, this happened!


Albert Pierre has won me over! Who needs a little black dress when the little red dress makes you a muse inspiring such creativity! Aside from being one of the creators of Super Dominica, Albert Pierre is a talented graphic artist, cartoonist, a Graphic Design & Computer Science professor at the University of the Virgin Islands and a photographer. His love for Anime pushes him to think outside the box. A fellow Dominican, this talented professor was born in Grand Fond, a village in The Commonwealth of Dominica. His talent paired with his passion for our native island compelled me to share his Super Dominican talents!


Super Dominica™ aka The Waitukubuli Warrior is a Super Heroine who possess amazing Super Abilities. She is a Kalinago super heroine with amazing abilities and powers which are based on the features and natural resources of the Caribbean Island of Dominica. Super Dominica was originally created by Illustrator/ Graphic Designer Albert Pierre, Character Designer/Writer Sean Francis & Character Designer/Writer Daniel Pond in 2005. Her concept has expanded to a Comic book project called “The Dominican Patriot“.

Super Dominica’s costume is made up of the Dominican Flag’s colors, a red cape and loin cloth which represents her Kalinago roots. The story of “The Dominican Patriot” has a deep focus on the native Dominicans (the Amerindians who happened up the island first) with highlights on various aspects of Dominica’s culture, history and resources. Although Kalinago people make up a small percentage of the island’s population they have a rich culture and heritage. Over the years Super Dominica has gone through several reboots and rewrites; but today she is a recognizable character and rapidly building a fan base.

A mini Adventure series featuring the super heroine was created and can be viewed online for free. The Web Comic series is called “The Mini Adventures of Super Dominica. Learn more about Albert Pierre and the Super Dominica movement by visiting www.SuperDominica.com

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